-I am 31 years old.
-I live in New York City.
-I am a freelance photographer.
-I am happily engaged to my partner of almost 9 years. We’re getting married this October.
-I am a vegetarian.
-I am a passionate progressive.
-Typically I love riding my bike, though my health and the weather have put a hold on this lately.
-When I’m not doing freelance, I work with children.
-I generally have a positive can-do attitude and am up for all sorts of challenges.
– I have been treated for depression and OCD for most of my life with medication.
-I’m a feminist.
– My fiancee and I hope to start a family after we get married.
-I have had terrible periods since I started my cycle at 12 years old.
-In 2012, I learned I had a fibroid growing on my uterus.
-In 2016 my fibroid started causing me immense pain.
-Through a lot of trials and tribulations, I began Lupron therapy (temporary, medical induced menopause) to treat my fibroid.
-I’ve decided to document this wild ride so other women going through this have my experience to learn from.