Eleven Days In

Today is eleven days into my Lupron injection. I went and saw my psychiatrist today for the first time in a few weeks. Knowing what has been going on, the topic of today’s visit was pretty exclusively about how the injection is treating me.

I let her know that emotionally I was feeling pretty regular with major waves of lows. I generally have been myself, but with the occasional PMS-like mood swings that were pretty severe. She decided to medicate accordingly and I’m grateful to have this support during this weird time.

Additionally, today it feels as though I may actually get some version of my period. Previous to getting my treatment, I actually overrode my cycle with my birth control. If it actually does come, it will be my first one in quite a few months, and I’m not looking forward to it at all. The cramps are here in full swing, as well as a major headache (which I rarely get) as well as general exhaustion.

My body temperature regulation has been consistently feverish. I’m often too hot or too cold, either sweating profusely or shivering out of control. I did some googling today and learned that hot AND cold flashes are both symptoms of menopause. I had always heard that hot flashes were, but never the shivering. Glad to know this is a normal side affect!

I realize looking back at my previous posts that I didn’t explain the constant UTI’s that the emergency rooms kept finding. Dr. Tessler assumes that I never actually had a UTI and that the tests were false positives. It’s kind of crazy to realize I was constantly being given antibiotics when I didn’t actually need them.

Additionally, I figure I might as well mention some things that have been helping
me out:

– Working out! My fiancee and I recently joined the gym and we have been going pretty regularly. Being active has been really positive for me. Of course I’m pretty uncomfortable and tired, so I have been really pleased using the sit down elliptical machine. It’s also been cathartic exercising my frustrations out during these weird political times.

– Seeing friends/family. This is probably pretty obvious, but I’ve been feeling isolated if I spend too much time at home.

-Finally, since I have no control over what is happening in my body, I’ve found it very helpful to try and take control over other aspects of my life. Over the weekend I did some major cleaning and getting rid of possessions and it really has helped me feel like I have a say in what can happen in my life. My doctor was really pleased with this and says what I’m doing is a perfect coping mechanism.

Here is Monday 2/20’s health app results – I didn’t even go to the gym that day!

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