Week One

The weekend after my injection, I fully expected that my butt was going to be sore. I’ve had enough flu shots and vaccines in my shoulder to know how awful that feels the next day. To my surprise, my bum was barely tender and I carried on and had a comfortable, quiet weekend without any issue.

Monday morning, it began. After my fiancee left the bed, around 5:30 am, and before my alarm woke me up, around 7:30, I started profusely sweating in my sleep. In my dream I even said in conversation, “is this a hot flash?” and woke up in a pool of sweat.

To be honest, I was surprised that it hit me so soon. For the rest of Monday, I had general warmness and slight irritability. The irritability is hard to blame on Lupron though, as I was nearly a week off of birth control at this point, and was experiencing cramping as if I was menstruating.

Tuesday was similar. Again I was dealing with major sleep sweating, but it escalated to an almost fever like sensation. Instead of simply having hot flashes, I was also having cold flashes! This isn’t something I was prepared for at all, and it has been very difficult figuring out and maintaining the proper middle ground between the two.

Wednesday was the absolute worst. All day I was going between being super sweaty hot, and shivering cold. Through out the entire day, my skin was crawling (I can only describe it as being clammy and prickly at the same time – I shudder thinking about it now!) and was uncomfortable all day.

Thursday was a temperature improvement, and it generally maintained that way on Friday as well.

All week though, I experienced crazy cramping as though I was menstruating super heavy, although I never once had any sort of bleeding. Right now it is Sunday evening, and I have been off of my birth control (and it was the end of my cycle) for ten days. For the first few days, I wore a pad just to be safe, but I’m now at the point where I don’t expect to actually bleed.

This weekend, I was particularly emotional and crazy. I feel terrible for my fiancee. I was pretty intensely rude to him on a few occasions, and have had to apologize again and again for my behavior. Luckily he is putting up with me and knows that I am going through this for our future together – although I’m certain he doesn’t enjoy me as much as he typically does.

This may be potentially TMI, but I was under the impression that I wasn’t going to have any sexual desire and have been surprised to find myself more interested than I have been in a while. I would say that my libido has been on the low side recently due to my pelvic pain, but I am shocked that if anything, it has improved. I only mention this because I want other women who may be going through this to know that they may not be as uninterested as you may imagine a woman going through menopause to be.

On Tuesday, I am seeing my psychiatrist who is also going to be acting as a temporary therapist to me during this adventure. I expect I will write an update afterward to remind myself of where I’m at post my first therapeutic experience.


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