Meeting Dr. Tessler!

As a gynecologist, I’ve found that there’s no better feeling than when I know I’ve improved someone’s life through medicine. I love when a patient returns to the office after a visit or surgery and tells me she’s feeling so much better or that I’ve helped to fix a problem.
– Dr. Ruth Tessler

On Monday 1/23, the first working day after my NYU Langone emergency room visit, I received a call first thing in the morning from their patient concierge. When I received that call, I was overcome with appreciation. I knew I was being taken care of and was so incredibly grateful.

The woman on the other end of the phone told me that she was going to spend some time talking to NYU Langone Kips Bay Gynecology to find out who would be able to see me soonest. Within two hours of this initial call, the concierge called me back to see if I was available the next morning to meet with Dr. Ruth Tessler. Upon reading her write up, I was in love. I was so pleased with how authentic she felt, and was overwhelmed that I was able to see someone so good, so quickly.

On Tuesday morning, my fiancee joined me at my first official specialist appointment. We were seen right away, and brought directly into Dr. Tessler’s office to discuss treatment options. She was obviously already very familiar with my background, and was ready to discuss the two courses we could take.

Dr. Tessler said that I could a.) have surgery, which wasn’t ideal, or b.) receive a Lupron injection, to put my body into a temporary menopause which should shrink my tumor.

I was honestly interested in having surgery because I regretted so much not having the fibroid removed back in 2015, but as my fiancee and I talked about our desire to conceive in the not too distant future, we decided that it was much safer to go the Lupron route.

Basically, if I were to have surgery, I would need to take 2-4 weeks off from all work to recover. Financially this wasn’t an option for me, and I knew that if I did choose this, I would absolutely have to take that time to heal since my fertility would be in jeopardy. Dr. Tessler believed that there shouldn’t be complications, but admitted that scar tissue is always a possibility.

Instead, we decided to go the Lupron route. Dr. Tessler explained that she would give me a three month injection of Lupron, an estrogen blocker, to put my body into a temporary menopause. The idea behind it was that assuming my pelvic pain was being caused by my fibroid, as well as the possibility of adenomyosis, this estrogen blocker would stop feeding these issues. She told us that she would prescribe me progesterone, which would help minimize the side affects of menopause. The best part was that this option would leave whatever level of fertility I have in tact, and that my hormone levels would repair themselves in time after the Lupron wore off.

My finacee and I left the office feeling positive regarding my pelvis for the first time in weeks. We really felt confident in our decision and having Dr. Tessler as my health care provider. The insurance was processing the order for Lupron and I would hear back from the office once it was approved. We were relieved and ready for the next step.



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