Injection Day


Three weeks after I met with Dr. Tessler, my Lupron injection was finally delivered to the doctor’s office.

I went in on a Friday afternoon, half an hour before the office closed. Dr. Tessler’s assistant, Hirotomi, met me with the gigantic injection. She told me she would be administering it into my butt cheek and that it shouldn’t hurt too much. We talked a bit about the side affects (typical menopausal issues) and what to expect going forward. I hadn’t been on birth control in a few days at this point, and asked Hirotomi if she thought I would wind up with my period since I was experiencing major cramping. She expected that I would get my period and that it may be really difficult, but that for the next two months I wouldn’t get it at all, or would otherwise spot just a bit.

After talking some more I also learned that Lupron is technically a chemo therapy treatment. While I don’t have cancer, I do have an estrogen fed tumor, and Lupron treats both cancerous and non cancerous versions. I asked if I would have typical chemo side affects and she assured me that I would not. I pulled down my pants and she went for it. Shockingly, receiving an injection in your butt cheek actually isn’t very painful at all. I told Hirotomi she did a great job and was on my way.

I immediately went to the pharmacy to pick up my progesterone prescription. I was told that I was to take the progesterone around the same time every day, and decided I would do it at night, when I took my typical prescription. The pharmacist let me know to stop taking my Alta Vera (which I already knew, taking birth control would be the opposite of what we were trying to accomplish) and explained to me that progesterone is part of the recipe for most birth control pills. This was news to me, and I was really interested that basically my treatment was only cutting out estrogen, not all hormones as I originally thought.

I decided that I would go to the gym following the pharmacy since my butt wasn’t yet sore, and I figured it would be a good idea to do it as I felt well, since I expected to be in pain the following day.

I did a full workout and went home with my fiancee feeling generally decent. By the end of the evening my butt was slightly sore, but I could hardly complain. I was definitely surprised and prepared for the worst the following day.


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